How Does a Free OnlyFans Work?


A free OnlyFans account, as opposed to a paid (or premium) OnlyFans account, can be subscribed to free of charge. A user doesn’t even have to enter a credit card for verification purposes. A free account differs a bit from a premium paid account, in terms of what the creator can do with it.

Firstly, a free OnlyFans is usually used by content creators to “warm-up” fans, so that they will purchase a subscription to the creator’s premium account. This can be a great marketing tool because it allows the creator to give away just enough content to make fans want the more explicit stuff on the premium account.

Free OnlyFans Accounts - How it Works

A creator CAN make money with a free OnlyFans account though. While they can’t charge for subscriptions, they actually can charge for content. They can post a piece of “PPV” content on their timeline and charge an “unlock” fee. This allows a free subscriber to purchase content that the creator does not wish to give away.

While it is generally unwise for a content creator on OnlyFans to use a free account exclusively, it can still be used to make money. But it is far better to create a second premium account, then feed fans from the free account there.

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