How Much Do Onlyfans Managers Take?


Getting an OnlyFans manager can be one of the best decisions a content creator can make. Managers can handle all of the routine duties associated with running an OnlyFans account, and a lot of them will also do promotion for your OnlyFans, which can be a HUGE help. The right manager can take an account to the next level. But what is this assistance going to cost?

ANSWER: OnlyFans managers take between 20% and 50% of a content creator’s OnlyFans revenues, depending on the level of service they’re providing. A manager offering promotion services will usually take more than one who only does administrative account tasks.

If your OnlyFans manager is merely scheduling posts, setting up polls, and sending out PPV offers, the percentage of revenues he or she will take will be closer to 20%. If the manager is also doing extensive promotion for the OnlyFans account and running the social media operation, then the percentage will be closer to 50%. But is it worth it?

When you consider the fact that most OnlyFans models and creators never make over a thousand dollars per month due to lack of consistency in posting and no real promotion effort, hiring a manager can be VERY worth it. A manager will do all of the menial tasks that the model despises doing, and he or she will do it CONSISTENTLY.

With consistent posting, a strong promotion strategy, and regular interaction with fans, the revenue on a typical OnlyFans account can skyrocket. A model who has been making only $500 per month can end up with revenues north of $5,000 per month in a matter of weeks after hiring the right manager.

How much do OnlyFans Managers take?

So, yes, if you’re a content creator and, despite all your efforts and willpower, you simply cannot consistently post content and promote your account, you should DEFINITELY hire a manager.

Most OnlyFans managers are online marketers with experience generating traffic and making sales, so it’s no wonder so many content creators use them. But where do you find the good ones?

Well, these days, OnlyFans agencies are providing the best account management in the industry. Agencies are companies that manage several models and possess substantial promotional resources that they use to boost their new models/clients. Signing with a good OnlyFans agency can change the game completely.

Not all agencies are on the up and up, however, so you need to be careful when selecting one to apply to. Go over the contract terms very thoroughly and make sure you’re comfortable with the details of the arrangement. Pay especially close attention to the parts having to do with money. Who gets paid, when, and who controls the OnlyFans account(s)? These are details that could get you screwed very easily if things go sideways.

If you need more help finding a good OnlyFans management team, or individual manager, contact me here and I will do my best to help. Please include links to all of the social media profiles you use to promote your OnlyFans, if you have any.

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