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Just cruise the major sex chat sites for a bit and you’re sure to notice that there are quite a few strippers rocking the cam out there. Not only can you identify them by the tags they use for their rooms, but the super toned legs, plump lips, and fake boobies are dead giveaways.

It’s also pretty obvious they’re dancers when they start to do those crazy moves on a shiny metal pole that’s been installed in the middle of their living rooms. When a camgirl twirls around a pole upside-down for 15 minutes and doesn’t end up breaking her neck, you can be pretty darn sure she’s a pro stripper.

Mo Money

In my experience observing online booty shaking (and yeah, I’ve got a ton of it), strippers can make a lot of money as webcam models. From what I’ve seen, exotic dancers moonlighting in Camland generally get tipped more, get taken private more often, and build fan followings quicker than the more amateur models do. The chief reason for this is clearly that these ladies are professionals with real experience in the business of arousing men into releasing the monetary love.

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Doing well as a camgirl requires more than just having a pretty face or hot bod…you gotta know how to engage your audience and get their engines running. Exotic dancers know how to do this because they’ve been doing it at the clubs where they work….and that background is pretty much perfect when you’re starting up a camming career.

Music To My Ears (or perhaps a body part further down)

But the most valuable skill your typical stripper will bring to the webcam modeling table is actually her ability to employ the right kind of music in her camroom seduction strategy. All that dancing to songs like “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while guys in the club audience pop megaboners and begin to drool wildly enough to cause a flood hazard has a way of training a girl to know how intelligently selected musical stimulation can cause tokens to flow freely while on cam. Especially when combined with some sweet sexy moves designed to pop eyeballs out of their sockets.

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I go into this in-depth in my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course, so check that out if you’re looking to substantially improve your token hauls in free chat.

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Bottom line is…good strippers can be excellent camgirls, and any who haven’t yet, should definitely report to the cam ASAP.

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