Summer Slump Blues


Summer Slump Camming
Well, here we are in late August, and I bet I know what question most cam models and cam site affiliates have foremost on their minds, at the moment — “Why can’t I find ANY gawt dayuum Pikachus on my weed-fueled Pokemon Go hunts?!?” No, just kidding.

What’s really getting panties in a bunch all over Camland is the dreaded “Summer Slump” period, which has been terrorizing models and adult webmasters alike for years and years. A lot of us in the “online pleasure business” noticed a long time ago that, during the summer months, spending on adult websites (whether on cam sites or porn video sites) generally plummets, and our incomes follow right along with it. This has been a problem across the adult industry, hitting anybody associated with the business at just about every level. This slump is so hated and feared that I thought I might attempt to explain exactly why it happens, and what you might be able to do to counteract it somewhat, as we enter the final weeks of this grueling patch.


First off, be prepared to blame the sun. Yes, that pesky blazing star at the center of our solar system warms the Northern Hemisphere so nicely during these months that it makes people want to get out and enjoy the rays. When people are out frolicking in the pleasant warm weather, they’re not sitting at their computers abusing Mr. Johnson while watching delectable hotties do unspeakable things on the internet.

Not only that, but being out and about causes people to spend more of their money on summertime things like movies, fast food, various items of floral-patterned clothing, and of course gazzzzooolineee. This inevitably means much less moolah is available to blow on Madam SweetSpot and her online pleasure palace.


Okay, Buttmunch, but what the freaky fartpoodle can I do about this summertime bank-buster?“, you might be asking. Well, that’s what I’m here for (and I totally understand the frustrated tone, by the way, but don’t call me Buttmunch). As an adult webmaster and cam model counselor with years-a-plenty of experience under my belt, I’ve been able to determine that there indeed are a few things webcam models, and even camming affiliates, can do to soften the impact of the summer slump on the ol’ bottom line.

Expand Traffic Sources

Traffic SourcesFirst on the list is expanding your traffic sources. If you’re a cam girl/guy and you’ve been entirely dependent on your main cam site for traffic, it’s time to open your eyes to the vast seas of eligible viewers and potential fans that exist on social media. Do you have a public Snapchat? If not, you need to get your ass to Prontoville on that, because it’s a great way to suck in lots of viewers and pre-sell them for content sales and show buys. The main way to buildup lots of followers for your public Snapchat is to do takeovers for large accounts, but I’ll get more into that in a future post.

Even affiliate webmasters can effectively use public Snapchat accounts to refer more traffic to cam sites, but it takes a bit of creative “out-of-the-box” thinking and consistent application of the right strategy. Other social media options for boosting your fan following include Periscope, which is absolutely awesome when utilized correctly. Much more on this in my UCS Ninja System!

Open Up New Revenue Streams

Diversification of Revenue StreamsThe second slump-busting move would be diversifying your income streams. Selling videos, panties, and doing things like competing in the ManyVids “Daily Grind” can really boost your earnings during slump periods, and it’s nice to have the security of knowing you’re not 100% dependent on only ONE source of income. Experience has taught me that you should never, and I mean EVER, put all your eggs in just one basket — especially when you’re self-employed!

Adult Video/Porn Shoots

Adult Photo and Video Shoots For Extra MoneyThird would be looking into adult video shoots to supplement your monthly revenues. Contrary to popular belief, there are still quite a few adult production companies looking for hot models to shoot. These jobs can often pay quite well, and appearing in widely watched porn videos can dramatically increase your exposure as a cam star, which will inevitably lead to lots more fans, more tippers, and more REGULARS! It doesn’t matter if you’re not willing to perform with other people on camera, many of these producers pay well for solo shoots, as well.

So, I hope I’ve given you some ideas you can use to kick old man Summer in his shiny, suntanned nutsack. Getting through the camming Summer Slump is all about being creative, expanding your traffic options, and adding new ways to bring in money to your camming business.

Remember, if you need an in-depth guide on how to rock the cam properly, check out my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course and my UCS Ninja System for lots of juicy tips and tricks that can help take your monthly moolah to entirely new levels!

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