High Quality Camera Equipment


High-Quality Webcams
It’s not a terribly unusual thing to surf the major cam sites and find many cam girls using webcams that are frankly unsuitable to film mold growth, much less capture online debauchery. This is probably one of the biggest problems in Camland, since a crappy webcam can cause many models to under-perform during their “newbie stage,” resulting in prematurely abandoned camming careers that otherwise might have held great promise.

Sub-par video equipment can also be a problem in the video production corner of Camland, as many cam girls have chosen to open up new revenue streams by selling self-made adult video clips on sites like ManyVids and Clips4Sale. Indeed, cam girls are now becoming the pornstars of the modern day, displacing major adult video performers at a rapid pace.

But if you’re going to produce high-quality amateur porn video that rises to the top echelons of Funkytown (and like I said, many webcam models are successfully doing this), you’re going to need high-quality video equipment. A solid DSLR camera is essential, which will guarantee that you have the shooting hardware needed for high-end production of both video AND still image content.

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But swinging back to webcams, it should be noted that most newbie cam girls tend to start their forays into the camming business using their built-in laptop webcams. This is entirely understandable, have to say. When you’re first starting out, you have no idea whether this new venture is going to bear any funky fruit or not, so it’s difficult to justify spending any significant amount of scratch to get a quality high-def webcam before so much as a single token has popped your way.

The problem with this is, the resolution produced by many laptop webcams can make you look to your viewers like you’re trapped in some horny teenager’s Minecraft game (and pixelation lost its “sexy” ages ago). So clearly, once you’ve got a few weeks of webcamming experience under your belt, you should definitely start to put some cheddar aside for a serious cam.

Laptop webcams rocking the suckage...

The standard for most work-from-home cam girls continues to be the Logitech C920, which is both high-quality AND relatively inexpensive (you can usually find it new for around 60 bucks). If you’re looking to go more high-tech when you invest in your first serious webcam, you might try the new Logitech Brio 4K Ultra model, which is currently available for around 200 smackers. It has the capability to produce video streams in the highest resolution possible, and it also has HDR capability (High Dynamic Range), which can help create an image that is closer to what the human eye would see in person.

While high-end video equipment is certainly the bomb, you don’t really need to go all out for your basic camming needs. A solid HD webcam like the C920 is really all you need to properly rock the cam. But if you want to be a cam girl who reaches her full potential, both with live-streaming and video production, you do need to think about getting some top equipment when your revenues can justify it.


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