Fidget Spinner Butt Plugs


Fidget Spinner
Fidget spinners up the Wazoopa?? Yep!! Apparently, now you can get one of those super cool spinning thingies most people use to ease anxiety and shove it where the sun don’t shine. When I first found out about the fidget spinner butt plug, of course I immediately began to consider the potential camming uses for the odd new sex toy. Actually, the idea of employing this bad boy on cam should come naturally to anyone who’s spent the least bit of time catering to the often weird kinks that abound in Camland.

The idea to combine a fidget spinner with a butt plug came from the mind of Jesse Lindsay, an Oregon resident who owns an Etsy shop charmingly called “GlowFYourself.” Judging from some of the other butt plugs she offers in her online store, I have to say that Ms Lindsay’s mind appears to rival my own, in terms of pure anti-social depravity. In addition to the fidget spinner butt plug, she also offers Jesus plugs, Bernie plugs, and of course, Donald Trump plugs (with a “Covfefe” plug up for sale already, btw). She even put the Virgin Mary on one of her butt plugs, so yeah, nothing is sacred in that shop.

Fidget spinner butt plugs anyone?

Given that fidget spinner porn has been a thing for a while, I guess it makes sense that somebody, somewhere would figure out a way to safely jam these things up a bootyhole eventually. If you’re a cam model who’s looking to tap into a fad for attention, you might want to consider snatching up one of these crazy sex toys and show your audience how you’ve decided to treat your camming anxiety in new and innovative ways that involve your ass. I mean, I always teach camgirls to take advantage of fads to get more eyeballs on them, so why not cram a spinner up the naughty place and see what happens, right?


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