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Misty Gates on New Camgirls Vs Old

Anybody who’s been around the block a few times in Camland knows the difference between a veteran camgirl and a newbie camgirl. Veteran models can often sink into a kind of all-business “pro mode” that nearly always sucks the eroticism out of the chatroom faster than a viewer named “Huge12inDong4U” demanding “put feast in azz bb!!”

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Whale Sex Tape

Any camgirl in the world would love nothing more than to get her cyber funky on with a whale. What’s not to love about whales, right? They’re loaded with tokens and love to rain them down on you like it’s the end of the world. But what happens when the whale shows up at your house, riddled with anxiety, asking you to take down the sex tape you made with him because it’s keeping him from landing job interviews? Apparently, you make another sex tape with him, albeit against the advice of your sentient plush toy. Misty Gates looks really good in that robe.