Misty Gates on New Camgirls Vs Old


Anybody who’s been around the block a few times in Camland knows the difference between a veteran camgirl and a newbie camgirl. Veteran models can often sink into a kind of all-business “pro mode” that nearly always sucks the eroticism out of the chatroom faster than a viewer named “Huge12inDong4U” demanding “put feast in azz bb!!”

On the other end, newbie models can often fumble things so badly on their first few sessions, you’d be lucky if you can actually get some chub going downstairs due to horrible lighting, wifi lag issues, and the fact that she’s gone 2 hours without realizing her audio is off.  That, and she’ll generally be swarmed by all the Paypal scammers on the site within seconds of logging on. Almost makes you want to call Camgirl Protective Services.

Well, take a peek at this clever video for Misty Gates’ hilarious take on the fascinating dichotomy of pro vs newb webcam models. Then check out the sweet cam cutie on her site for the parts of her video shoot that were too steamy for Youtube.

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