Cam Model Teamwork


webcam model teamworkCan webcam models employ teamwork to dramatically increase moolah production? Well, yes, actually. If you’re used to camming on your own and not sharing information, tips, and other forms of advice with fellow camgirls, you need to listen up, because I might just put you on the path to “mo’ money” right here.

Okay, everybody’s heard the term “two minds are better than one,” right? I’m gonna assume everybody has. The logic behind that statement is extremely sound. Whenever humans embark on any project, having multiple people providing input and ideas usually yields far superior results than if the project were undertaken by a single soul. Well, it’s just as true for webcam modeling as for anything else.


As you gain more and more experience camming, you’re likely to find that you pickup things and make realizations that help you to bring in more money as a model. Other camgirls are gaining valuable insights from their experiences in front of the cam, as well, and many of those insights have nothing to do with the ones you’ve gained. Obviously, when two models share their experiences and accumulated knowledge with each other, both stand to prosper greatly from that exchange.

Not only can models help each other by comparing notes, they can also help each other bigtime by doing joint shows. Generally speaking, the more models on cam together, the more attention the cam room will get from viewers. Inviting a cam buddy over to do a show with you can significantly increase your room count and lead to more tipping and show buys.

But even if you don’t have any models in your area to do joint shows with, you can still benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of other broadcasters by frequenting cam model forums where advice is freely shared. WeCamGirls is one of the best sites for this type of sharing, and if you’re not yet a member, I strongly encourage you to pop in and look around. I think you’ll be very pleased at how much value models contribute there.

Your major takeaway from this article should be to, whatever you do, get out there and mingle with your fellow cam models! Be active on forums, interact on Twitter, and go to industry conventions, if possible, to hobnob and make new connections. Pool your brainpower and boost your token hauls! Simple advice, but absurdly powerful.


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