Sugar Daddy Scams


How to spot sugar daddy scams online.
Sugar relationships can be fun, rewarding, and mutually beneficial for all involved. They’ve only grown in popularity over the past ten years or so, with the internet giving them a new lease on life as dedicated websites get in on the fun and connect women looking for a sugar daddy with the perfect “man of means.”

Most recently, we’ve seen the rise of the online-only sugar daddy, giving women the chance to enjoy the sweet sugar lifestyle without even having to leave their homes, let alone meet any strangers physically. But as any phenomenon becomes more widespread, especially when there’s money in it, you can be sure it will get the attention of scammers.

ATTENTION: Fake sugar daddies running scams online have become a thing recently, so I’m gonna give the whole nefarious phenomenon a thorough anal examination. You won’t believe what some of these dudes are up to…

Since the cash in these relationships generally flows from sugar daddy to sugar baby, you’d think those with fraud on their minds would be impersonating the girls of sugar, but the opposite arrangement is actually more common. I’d say it’s time to examine the tactics used by these fake sugar daddies, so none of you people unwittingly get sucked into their sugary webs of deceit.


Are Online Sugar Daddies Even For Real?

Let me begin by noting that, except for this paragraph, I won’t even be mentioning the time-wasting “salt daddies” that have become infamous in real-world sugar circles. These are the guys who will hop on the sugar meet sites and entice women to see them for drinks at a dive bar, or go out on some similar cheap date, all without ever having any intention of entering into a sugar relationship.

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Sometimes these are just lonely single men willing to write off the small expense merely to talk to a live woman (which is bad enough since, again, it wastes the sugar baby’s time) — but all too often their intentions are downright malevolent, and they’ll push the girl all the way to sex on false pretenses. These bad hombres exist, and they’re dangerous. But this post isn’t about sugar daddy scams of that flavor, since they occur exclusively in real life. I want to focus today on the online-only sugar daddies.

In that vein, I should point out that online-only sugaring is very real. This often comes as a surprise to many people, who assume that the ability to have physical contact with the sugar baby is a primary force driving the sugar daddy’s interest in these relationships. It turns out, however, that real sugaring gets a good deal deeper than that.

Platonic sugar relationships are actually a thing, believe it or not. Some men wish to keep their sugaring activities entirely separate from their established normal lives, so being online-only appeals.

Not only do online-only sugar daddies not require meeting their sugar babies in person, they generally prefer not to. They may be rich, high-profile businessmen whose image would suffer if they were seen wearing a girlfriend young enough to be their daughter on their arm. They may be so busy earning the income that allows them to be a sugar daddy in the first place, that they simply don’t have time for a traditional relationship. They may be (and usually are) married.

Whatever the reason, it’s easier for them to keep in touch with a girl online, sharing her company exclusively via video streams and phone calls. This doesn’t make them fake sugar daddies, just pragmatic ones.

Ordinarily, it would be difficult for men and women interested in online-only sugar arrangements to find each other, since the sugar meet sites cater only to those looking to connect in real life. Cam sites have charged to the rescue on this, having provided a virtually ideal way for these sugar daddies and babies to find one another.

Camming is a good conduit for sugar, because the close relationships that often develop between cam girls and their regulars is a perfect way to build the necessary trust. Anyone seeking this kind of relationship, from either end, would do well to search on a cam site like MyFreeCams or Chaturbate.

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Unfortunately, the women in these equations often don’t know to use cam sites, and may be looking for online-only sugar arrangements due to finding themselves in desperate financial straits. This makes them vulnerable, and like just about all scammers, fake sugar daddies online prey most readily upon just those types of folks.


Examples of Possible Sugar Daddy Scams

The phenomenon of sugar daddy scams has recently attracted the attention of Maria Konnikova, a writer for the New Yorker who specializes in exposing con artists and their game. She weighs in on possible scams like the now legendary “TheSugarDad1,” which has spread like wildfire across social media, especially Twitter. If you believe his backstory, TheSugarDad1 is a wealthy businessman who is fond of promising to bestow obscene amounts of money in the tens of thousands of dollars to those who merely retweet his Twitter posts.

Konnikova explains that con artists will often strike at times when a potential victim is feeling vulnerable. Being desperate for money definitely qualifies.

Often, he promises to take on long-term sugar babies who will receive extremely generous allowances if they will only do him this simple service. For women looking for a sugar daddy online, this can be hard to resist. Unfortunately, reports have come forward from people saying they have taken TheSugarDad1 up on his offer.

In most cases, rather than receiving any money, these people are directed to download one or another smartphone app, making it appear as if TheSugarDad1 is either an affiliate for these apps (gets paid when people he refers download them), or their creator.

There are MANY fake sugar daddies on Twitter, advertising their generosity to sugar babies. The vast majority of them seem to be affiliates for some app or another.

While people claiming to have been paid by the mystery man have also surfaced, only a precious few have offered screenshot evidence of receiving the promised money into their Paypal accounts. It’s also worth noting that the few who have posted such pictures have a suspicious habit of doing so just when fraud accusations against TheSugarDad1 are reaching a particularly hot fever pitch.

As sugar daddy scams go, this one would be relatively benign, if it qualifies. Others entice women with their lavish monthly allowance promises, only to then turn the tables on those who contact them and start asking for money themselves. They’ll come up with a wide variety of Nigerian Prince-esque stories explaining why you absolutely must throw down a modest amount in order to get your extravagant hook-up.

But in the end, I hope it’s reasonably clear to most people that when a “sugar daddy” starts asking his sugar baby for money, enough red flags to enrage every bull in Barcelona ought to go up.

Some fake sugar daddies will actually ask sugar babies to send them money first, before the sugaring begins. This seems to be an adaptation of the Nigerian internet cafe scams that were rife a few years back.

The most dangerous ones are a bit more sophisticated. They won’t ask for money, but will merely say that they need your bank account details in order to wire you the money they promised. No points for guessing what happens to all the funds you had (note the past tense) in that account shortly after you accede to this request.

Fortunately, such online sugar daddy scams are relatively easy to spot, because they all seem to have one thing in common. That is, they come from sugar daddy “advertisers,” guys who put themselves out there on social media as generous men who just want to find a sugar baby – and surely, you’re just the one they’ve been looking for. Real sugar daddies don’t need to advertise like this, and even if they did, I doubt they would do it on Twitter.

Heed my advice, ladies: Don’t use social media when you’re looking for a sugar daddy, and don’t respond to sugar daddy advertisers. The best thing you can do is sign up as a webcam model with a cam site, because that’s where the genuine, high-quality online sugar daddies go.

Those who are interested will take action to get to know you, and when they’ve established that the proper compatibility exists, they’ll approach you. That is to say; THEY will find YOU. All you have to do is be where they’re looking.

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