How Do Snapchat Girls Make Money?


Snapchat money making tips for cam girls.
Many years ago, before smartphones and “mobile apps” were even a thing, cam girls tended to do fairly well just working their chat room traffic on whichever cam site they happened to be plying their trade on. It really wasn’t that complicated — all you had to do was log on, chit-chat a bit, maybe jiggle the twins and shake the booty, then you’d find that the tips and show purchases would start pouring in like a gaggle of stoned hippie friends who found out you just ordered a pizza.

Well, things have changed in Camland just a tad since then. And, by “just a tad,” I mean a whole freaking lot. Nowadays, the smartphone is the 400-pound gorilla in the living room webcam models just can’t afford to ignore. (Or should that be an elephant, I can’t remember? 400 pounds seems light for an elephant, though, so maybe an elephant on the Keto Diet. Oh Jesus, whatever, I’m high.)

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Snapchat has risen to become the main platform for sexting and following naughty hotties, so it’s no surprise that the app is now widely used in the realm of camming and adult modeling. This one app has literally changed the way most professional webcam models conduct their business affairs, and it has proven itself to be quite indispensable for the cultivation of new regulars, as well as a great source of extra income for the savvy camgirl.

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And THAT is exactly the reason why so many hot chicks are now so interested in becoming Snapchat models — because they can smell that money, honey! Making money on Snapchat is now something that’s not just for cam girls, it’s something that any attractive lady (or dude, it’s true) who’s interested in selling nudes, or other forms of adult content, can get into and do extremely well with.

In fact, some of the numbers many girls are pulling in with Snapchat are totally off the wall and blow even a Camlord’s mind. But, HOW exactly is this done?


How To Make Money With Snapchat

Snapchat girls make money in two basic ways; either selling access to a “premium” Snapchat account for a certain fee, or using it as a sales platform to push various content offers (videos, pics, panties, unmentionables).

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Cam girls can also make money with Snapchat by using it as a “relationship marketing” tool, which allows a model to get close to fans in a more personal and intimate way through frequent sexting and casual messaging (this is an extremely effective revenue-boosting method I cover extensively in my UCS Ninja Course).

Having two different accounts is generally the best way to maximize profits with Snapchat. You can access both your public and your premium accounts on the same phone using the cloning app “Parallel Space,” which can be found in your app store. More info on Snapchat cloning here.

Now, a Snapchat girl can’t really sell anything unless she’s got a decent amount of eyeballs following her, so unless she has an already large pre-existing social media following, she’ll need to acquire some exposure. For many girls, this can be accomplished by simply signing up as a webcam model and promoting her Snapchat to her room viewers.

Many cam girls make the mistake of trying to sell their premium Snapchat accounts straight to their “cold” room viewers, but that’s generally not the best way.

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Unless a webcam model already has a large and devoted following of fans, trying to pitch premium Snapchat subscriptions can produce underwhelming results. People generally need to be “warmed up” before they will buy anything from you, and it’s no different with cam site viewers.

I teach new models to create two separate Snapchat accounts; a “public” one that contains only tease content, jokes, casual observations, cat pics — and a “premium” account where all the good stuff happens.

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It’s the public account that you want to push your cam room viewers to, and they’ll love it because it’s free. No need to be warmed up for free, amirite? (Just ask your stoned hippie friends. Btw, do you still have any pizza left?)

Once they follow you on your public account, you begin the process of “warming them up” for sales down the road. Snapchat has a kind of magical quality to it — receiving a girl’s snaps on your phone just feels way more personal than consuming her content on other platforms. From a marketing perspective, that’s absolutely freaking golden.

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After a while of following your public Snapchat, many of these prospects will begin to feel like they know you, and that sense of liking and familiarity will allow you to successfully sell them on the idea of buying content, or a subscription to your premium Snapchat.

How do Snapchat girls make money?

You should treat your premium Snapchat subscribers very well, and shower them with as much attention as you have time for. These fans are your “qualified buyers,” which means they have proven 1) that they have money to spend, and 2) that they’re very willing to spend it on what YOU offer. Buyers are always easier to market offers to than “cold” followers who may or may not even have a dime to spend.

Chat up your premium subscribers enough and you just might create “regulars” which will come hangout with you on cam, tip frequently, and buy private shows out the wazoopa.

Believe me, Snapchat sexting tends to create fans who just can’t get enough, and that means you’ll be pulling paying members into your chat room while you’re on cam. They’ll not only talk and support your tip goals, but they’ll also take you private where you can further solidify your bond with them.

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There’s actually a LOT more to successfully using Snapchat to bring in the money buckets, so you might want to check out my UCS Ninja System, where I go through it all in serious depth. Also, if you need expert instruction on getting started in the camming biz, check out my Uber Fans Magnet Course.

Listen, if you got any value from this post, make my day and share this sumbish, will ya? Until next time, freaky peeps!

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