Top 10 Sharknado Parodies


The populace is still reeling from last weekend’s world premiere of “Sharknado 5 – Global Swarming” on the SyFy Channel, but my exquisite Camlord mind has been busy coming up with potential parodies of the ridiculous, but hilarious, B-movie franchise.

Buttler Camlord’s Top 10 Sharknado Parody Titles

Number 10 – Stonernado
Stoners are usually quite peaceful and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but a monster vortex of them could ruin that rep.

Number 9 – Diarrheanado
Probably not lethal if you took a direct hit, but it would take ages to become whole again.

Number 8 – Hipsternado
Pretty much the same level of impact as you’d suffer from a Stonernado, but with the additional burden of copious smugness.

Number 7 – Twerknado
Probably my personal favorite “nado,” to be honest.

Number 6 –  Crapnado
Like Diarrheanado, just drier. Same mental trauma would apply.

Number 5 – Yorkienado

Number 4 – MotherInLawnado
You may or may not survive this one…but if you do, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Number 3 – ToeFungusnado
I don’t think this needs a description. Just be sure to shoot yourself before it gets you.

Number 2 – GameOfThronesnado
If Daenerys or Missandei get hurled at me, I have no problem with this. If it’s gonna be the Hound or Joffrey, I’d rather be immolated by dragonfire.

Number 1 – Weednado

Cam Model Guide to Sharknado Parodies

Obviously, the potential for a good time coming up with Sharknado parody titles is immense. With the latest installment of the franchise still fresh in the public mind, you might see fit to hold a contest in your room. Best “nado” parody gets a free video, or Skype show, or whatnot. Tongue-in-cheek camming can be a great way to blow-up your room count, and you’ll have a TON of fun with it.

Okay, if you’re looking for serious webcam model training, get yoself to UberCamStar with the quickness. Don’t think this Top 10 list is the best I can do…I have powers that put the writers of SyFy B-movies to shame.

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