Periscope Super Hearts


Periscope Super Hearts
Well, the trend of live-streaming apps adding a tipping functionality is continuing full speed ahead, and Periscope has just become the latest broadcasting platform to jump on the bangwagon (oops, I totally meant “bandwagon,” I swear).

Many of you may be familiar with some of the other tipping-enabled apps like YouNow and Peeks, where broadcasters can make some sweet coin just hanging out in a totally non-nude capacity with their viewers. It seems like these live-streaming platforms that allow tipping are getting more popular than ever, so it makes sense that Twitter-owned Periscope would get with the program eventually.

Indeed, Periscope viewers can now tip broadcasters using what are called “Super Hearts,” which have a real cash value. A viewer first has to purchase “coins” from Periscope to be able to send Super Hearts to a broadcaster (kind of like tokens at a cam site), and these coins are available in packages ranging from 3,500 for $2.99, to 63,656 for $49.99.

Cam Model's Guide To Periscope Super Broadcaster Program

The coins are then used to buy three different levels of Super Hearts, which will each look different when sent during a scope. “Enhanced Hearts,” which simply look bigger than the normal free hearts, can be purchased for 33 coins each. For 66 coins, viewers can buy a heart with their face on it, and they can even get a fully bedazzled and sparkly face pic heart for 111 coins.

As a broadcaster accumulates Super Hearts, they are converted to “stars” at an undisclosed rate. These stars are then redeemable for real dollars, but you have to signup for Periscope’s “Super Broadcaster” program first. And to do that, you have to have accumulated at least 185,000 stars. A bit over-complicated, if you ask me, but they neglected to run this by a Camlord before going gold with it. Definitely don’t blaze too hard right before trying to get your mind around this particular system.

Periscope keeps about 30% of the money spent for coins, while 70% is passed on to the receiver of the Super Hearts, so the split is actually not bad at all. Even though Periscope is a non-nude camming platform, it’s entirely conceivable that serious money can be made by savvy cam models with this new tipping system. But you should keep a couple things in mind before you give it a go.

Firstly, applying for the Super Broadcaster program, which you need to do in order to get paid, will bring your scopes under greater scrutiny from Periscope. This basically means that all you twerkmeisters out there are going to have to retire the booty shorts when you broadcast. Any kind of nudity, excessive display of skin, or sexual gestures can get your Periscope account pinched faster than a pornstar’s caboose on the floor of the Exxxotica Expo.

Scoping for tips will have to be all about interesting conversation, audience engagement, and just plain “chill and hang” type fun. As much as I love twerking (and Lordy, do I always hope there’s twerking), you just gotta keep those bodacious buns wrapped up and out of sight.

Any non-nude cam model, though, will tell you that it IS very possible to get viewers to tip big if your engagement is on point. Bonding with your audience over video games, weed, anime, or just about any other area of interest is a great way to make people want to support you and get your attention by sending Super Hearts.

But always remember that like Snapchat, Periscope is primarily an “on ramp” for your sales funnel as a webcam model. These platforms can be great to use as a way to “warm up” new fans and get them ready to buy shows or content later on. In the world of internet marketing, there’s nothing like a warm audience to sell stuff to, and live-streaming tools can be essential for doing that successfully.

If you’re looking for more quality instruction on how to use these social media platforms to build huge fan armies you can sell all your naughty wares to, don’t forget to check out my UCS Ninja System. It’ll show you exactly how the most successful cam girls and guys use Periscope and other apps to rock the revenues!


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