Putting Up a Cam Model Store


Cam Model Store

Okay, cam models have typically got TONS of stuff to sell to their devoted followers. Videos, pic sets, polaroids, baked goods, panties, Snapchats, phone numbers, plaster casts of their feet, used tampons, bodily fluids, you name it.

With all this merchandise to pitch, it really helps to have ONE central location to list ALL of your goods and services for sale. What I’m basically saying is…you need a STORE, hot shot!

A cam model with a store is like a cam model with a sales headquarters. No matter where on the digital badlands you interact with your fans, you can send them all straight to your store, where they can buy whatever they’re interested in.

Oh, and you know what else? When people visit a store, they almost always get interested in buying more stuff than they originally came for. Think about it, do you ever visit the mall and only purchase what you went there for? What about that last time you went? You showed up to get some booty shorts, but ended up buying that hot teddy and those “to-die-for” weed leaf bobby socks too, amirite?

UmmHmmm, guuurl, I seeee you!!

So, basically, having a store is, itself, a great way to boost sales. People go in looking to buy one item, then leave having bought 3 or 4. That’s how it often goes.

But how do you setup a store, you’re probably asking? Well, if you did it yourself, you’d have to put up a site, install an e-commerce plugin, then setup an adult payment processor (which would be extremely costly). It would be a ridiculously massive technical and financial hassle.

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Thankfully, the folks at CamModelStore.com have made it super easy. All you need to do is signup, then list your products for sale. Everything is automated and payments are handled quickly and efficiently.  It’s a super easy, headache-free way to put up a store that can help make you more cheddaaa ON AUTOPILOT!

CamModelStore.com means business —  they’ve signed up some big players in the camming and adult industries, like Maggie Green, Nikki Delano, and Julie Cash. This is definitely the thing to do if you want to get your sales up to new levels of awesome.

Cam girl feedback

Listen to what Shannon Sky says about her store:
“Finally, a one-stop shop where I can send my fans for Skype shows, phone calls, donations, etc! Not only has it helped me weed-out the time-wasters, but I’m also making $ — even when I’m not online! I couldn’t be happier with my store!”

Gina Lynn (yes, THAT Gina Lynn) seems to like her store, as well:
“I chose to work with Cam Model Store mainly because most of the other sites have been losing popularity and this seems like a fresh idea. I love the fact that it integrates so many different outlets. At first I was intimidated, but as their helpful staff walked me through it, I realized how simple and straightforward it really is.” 

So get over to CamModelStore.com now, people, and check it out. Might be just what you need to finally put the blaster rockets on your content offerings!

Go here for a store: http://buttlercamlord.com/cam-model-store-info

If you need help getting more fans to your content offerings, go here: https://Ninja.UberCamStar.com

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