Selling Dirty Underwear – The Used Panties Trade


Selling dirty underwear online.
In the webcamming world, and in most adult-industry work for that matter, the top earnings are achieved not solely through primary work (like going on webcam), but by utilizing plenty of side revenue streams. These are sources of income that, while modest individually, provide serious cash flow when taken together. Any savvy adult entertainer should know what they are, and how best to exploit them.

Today, we’re going to put the Camlordian microscope on one of the bigger and more lucrative adult side hustles, and explain by far the most efficient way to capitalize on it. I’m talking about selling dirty panties because, believe it or not, that market is positively humongous right now.

ATTENTION: There’s MAJOR moolah to be made selling those funky panties you just tossed in the hamper after your little yoga session, so read carefully and discover how to cash-in with your soiled or used underwear!

This may come as a complete shock (if you’ve been a cam model for more than a week, it won’t), but men will pay for unwashed panties that have been worn by women they’re attracted to. Actually, the same goes for women’s sweaty socks, which are also salable to the foot fetish crowd. So really, we’re talking about selling dirty underwear in general, but panties are the most commonly moved articles.

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The buyers’ motivation is invariably sexual, of course, but it’s important to remember that for most of them it goes beyond that. That is, they don’t necessarily want just any panties worn by any woman they find hot. What makes the item special, and therefore gives it value, is the fact that it came from a woman they know.


Why are Used Panties in High Demand?

Sometimes, the panties off of a beloved porn star will do the trick, but even better is for the fruity knickers to have been worn by someone less famous yet personally acquainted. If it’s a cam girl or other adult performer with whom the guy talks one on one, has built a bond, and perhaps has even started to think of as a friend, then her panties are less of a masturbatory aid and more of a symbol of something dear.

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None of which is to suggest that the goods in these dirty underwear sales aren’t also being used as a masturbatory aid. Of course they are, this is the internet. The biggest stereotype of the fetish is that men will simply whack off while sniffing the panties (or socks) to enjoy their odor, and enough of them do just that for underwear enthusiasts to be called “sniffers.”

Panty sniffing is now one of the largest kinks, ranking up there with foot fetish and femdom. The demand for dirty panties has exploded like the monster fart that inevitably follows consumption of a Nachos BellGrande.

Guys who are into this will also sometimes get creative, by wrapping the panties around their hoo-ha while masturbating, pulling them down over their head, or even simply wearing them on their own. Definitely not something you’d want your boss or mother-in-law catching you doing, that’s for sure.

It’s really no secret that body odors can be extremely arousing to certain people, and if you consider the history of sex, it kinda makes sense.

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Back in the “ye olde” days of Medieval Europe, for example, sex was a much stankier affair than we tend to be accustomed to in the modern world. Those poor “under-scienced” folks used to think that bathing was partly responsible for the spread of Bubonic Plague, so you can imagine the kinds of odors that would regularly greet people when they stuck their faces into the genital region of a partner. Peeeyooweeee!!

All those generations of humans whiffing their partners’ Dark Age crotches while doing the nasty may have engendered a fetish that has achieved successful transmission to the current day, for all we know. I don’t expect to see this covered on the History Channel anytime soon, but I think it’s a viable theory, at this point.

Smells and odors play a significant sexual role for nearly all mammals. Dogs are known to sniff the anus and genitalia of others dogs to, in part, determine the reproductive status of potential mates.

Now, you really don’t need to worry too much about exactly what these fetishists are doing with your underwear, or why, though you should be aware that they will typically insist that it was worn by you for at least 24 continuous hours prior to sale. You should also be prepared for any unusual requests you might receive, because sometimes customers will want more than just your sweat and scent on a pair of panties. This could include pee, poop, or good ol’ period blood.

No one ever said selling dirty panties was a clean business. The good news is that you can charge more for a pair of panties that fulfill a special order, if you care to cater to it. These are generally called “extras” in the used panties trade, and sniffers will usually pay a premium for them.

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But it’s probably more important to know where exactly selling dirty underwear is done, rather than just why it’s profitable. And on this question, we run into an important warning about the most prolific places online for these dirty underwear sales: The marketplace sites.


Where To Sell Your Dirty Underwear

Marketplace sites are basically just places established to facilitate transactions between women who want to sell their panties, and men who want to buy them. Men log on, browse around, and usually get to message the ladies selling panties there (remember what I said about the value in this industry coming from a bond) so as to get to know them a little before deciding whether to buy their product.

In most cases, these sites even have systems in place allowing sellers to “verify” that they really are women, rather than obese 50-year-old truckers backing up their rigs at Walmart for loads of fresh $1 panties to hawk. Sounds great, right?

In response to growing demand for used underwear, several major “marketplace” sites have popped up connecting sellers and buyers. Unfortunately, they leave much to be desired for both sides of the trade.

Unfortunately, these marketplace sites are a bit of a digital train wreck. Recall that it’s typical in selling dirty underwear that the product be worn for at least 24 hours before being packed and shipped. This creates a natural “bottleneck” in the business, as it means that no honest seller can move more than a single pair of panties per day.

That fact turns many sellers to the dirty panties dark side, because they’ve made the mistake of trying to use the marketplaces as a primary income stream, rather than a supplement to other adult work. These desperate sellers will cheat in various ways, such as by wearing layers of panties every day, or even simply spritzing fresh pairs with whatever proprietary “funk spray” they think gets the smell and color just right. Uggghhhh.

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Whether you’re personally comfortable with these questionable practices or not, you should know that they ultimately don’t really work all that well. Panty-sniffing dudes, for the most part, are wise to the game. They just don’t trust sellers on the marketplace sites, which is probably one major reason why most of those sellers can barely make a sale.

Distrust on marketplace sites has made it difficult for new sellers to move much product. While some established players do well there, it can be a hard row for beginners.

The marketplaces are dominated by the big players, and even most of those sellers could probably get away with charging more if their customers actually had faith in the authenticity of their product. It’s hard for buyers to be confident when they know the site they’re using is full of undergarment chicanery, and that suspicion gets priced in.

Marketplace sites just plain aren’t worth it. Rather than wasting your time selling dirty underwear there, you’re far better off using cam sites to realize this revenue stream. This is the real “secret” of the industry. Cam sites are perfect for this, and cam girls have a huge advantage in tapping that income.

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This is due to the fact that cam sites can so easily be used to build a bond with your customer base. By chatting with them and having conversations about mutual interests or other aspects of life, which you should be doing with your regulars there anyway, you make the viewers come to like you and care about you as a person. You make them see you as a friend, and that makes all of the difference.

On cam sites, it’s much easier to build the bonds with your potential panty buyers that make long-term, lucrative stinky underwear sales possible.

When your fans come to think of you as a buddy, three important things happen. First, they trust you, so right there you’re light years ahead of the marketplace sites. Second, they genuinely want to help you make ends meet, so giving you money is enjoyable rather than a prerequisite for something.

And third, they want a symbol of their connection to you, something that has value for them and is special. Now, you wouldn’t happen to know of anything that could check those boxes for them, would you?

Of all the cam sites out there, the best one for dirty panty selling has got to be Chaturbate. That’s hands-down, because it’s a huge site with enormous traffic. It’s also pretty easy to use for new models, so you won’t have too hard a time getting settled in. Work your regulars on that site, build friendships with them, and you’ll be surprised at the demand for what you’ve always thought of as mere dirty laundry.

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And, let’s face it…if you can make good money selling what essentially amounts to crotch stank, then well…that’s gotta produce a special kind of personal satisfaction.

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