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Selling Feet Pics Online
If I were to ask you to name a part of the female body that men will pay to see bare, I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t answer “feet.” Okay, more cynical (or simply better-versed in the adult industry) people might have that anatomical feature cross their minds, but it still probably wouldn’t even make the top 3.

And yet, selling feet pics is a huge business, so much so that it threatens to raise philosophical questions about when exactly we have to stop calling something a “fetish.” I mean, men like to look at bare breasts, too, but most people wouldn’t call that anything but “normal” – whatever THAT term even means.

ATTENTION: Selling pictures of your feet is a way to bring in great money without too much effort, so I’m taking a look at how the pros do it. Major foot porn success secrets ahead!

Today I thought we’d go over a YouTube video posted by Sarah Schauer, a professional writer who sells pictures of her feet on the side to supplement her income. Since Sarah has a lot of experience with guys buying her feet pics, it seemed worthwhile to listen to what she has to say on the subject.

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Sarah Schauer Explains Selling Feet Pictures

To begin with, Sarah suggests that there are three main reasons why people like feet. Her first reason is that the interested party is sexually submissive, and I have to say this makes a lot of sense to me. Because I know how enormously popular the FemDom (Female Domination) niche is in porn, I can readily imagine someone getting a thrill from even looking at a woman’s feet.

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This is because even if you aren’t doing something as obviously obsequious as grovelling on the floor staring at them, feet in and of themselves can engender submissive feelings. It’s possible that simply seeing a picture of a woman laying down with her feet laid right up close to the camera lens could create a subconscious impression that one is kneeling to her. So I’m definitely with Sarah here.

On her other two reasons, I’ll reserve up or down judgment: These are that a particular person has a sexual history with feet (having a girlfriend as a teenager who used to tease his penis with her feet, for example), and that someone may actually find feet disgusting but is turned on by disgusting things. Given the popularity of the “sploshing” fetish, in which guys enjoy seeing girls wallowing in sticky, slimy, and usually edible substances, I suppose anything is possible.

Sarah Schauer explains how she sells feet pictures to fetishists.

Before getting into the business of actually selling pictures of your feet, Sarah gives some pretty common-sense advice: Take good care of the product. She recommends at least weekly pedicures, which can be professionally done if you prefer, though this can get pricey. Nail polish should be kept to basic colors like clear or nude, to avoid turning off customers who aren’t into a particular hue.

Bunions are to be scraped off with a specialty tool; fungal infections are a business emergency warranting a visit to urgent care. Also, Sarah reassures those with less than perfect specimens that selling feet pics is still possible: You just have to get their best angle. If you dance a lot, for example, and your feet show visible wear on one side, keep your pictures to the other side. Problem solved.


Using Social Media To Sell Feet Pics

Now, selling feet pics requires having someone to buy them, so you’re going to need a strategy for finding those people. In Sarah’s opinion, it’s a perfectly valid option to use your established social media accounts (and thus the followings you’ve built, likely over years) for this purpose.

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It simply requires “scrubbing” those accounts to remove any identifiable reference to where you live; this is a pretty standard precaution for women in the adult industry. In our particular case, we also want to remove any existing pictures that show off your feet. Keep those puppies under wraps; customers have to pay to see them!

Since you probably don’t care to announce to all of your friends and family that you’re now selling pictures of your feet, Sarah has developed an effective (and amusing) strategy for zeroing in on customers: Make jokes. Just post frequent references to the trade in a comical context, such as saying that gas is now so expensive you’ll have to start selling pictures of your feet.

Talking about selling feet pics in a jokey way on your Facebook, IG, or other socials can hide your covert business venture from friends and fam while, at the same time, advertise it to foot fetishists who may wish to patronize your offers.

Do this enough, and people will begin to wonder whether you’re still joking. Of course, when Grandma Ethel asks about it, you tell her you weren’t serious – come on, grams! When a guy in his 20s seems a little too interested in just how serious you are, though, that’s when you privately inform him that it’s no joke at all.

If you want to set up dedicated social media accounts for the business, of course, that’s another way to go. You’ll have to wait to build a following, of course, which could take time. Frequenting groups established for foot fetishists (and there are a lot of them, according to Sarah) is a good way to start.


Pricing Advice For The Pics, And Fetish Extras

Let’s give this girl full points for honesty: Sarah boldly admits that “I had wine. I had, like, a lot of wine” while filming this video, and she chooses to reveal this just as she is discussing pricing, so you may want to take her advice here with a grain of salt. Her baseline, however, is $20 per foot, per picture. The wine even seems to help her break this down for us, and she specifies that one healthy toenail is worth a good dollar, while nicely curved arches value in at $15 a piece. Cabernet, or pinot noir, Sarah?

Naturally, special requests are extra, and you best be prepared for those. Sarah has been asked to step on marshmallows, peanut butter, and even iPhones (die-hard Android enthusiasts, I suppose). One customer, a lady in fact, wanted to see Sarah’s toes with yarn threaded between and pulled tight around them, so that the digits engorged with blood and bulged out – not sure if that one’s even safe.

Foot fetishists will often request “extras” in the feet pictures that can substantially boost their value. A strange special request can allow you to charge over $100 for a set of pics.

Anyway, since as Sarah tells it, “you’re not just gonna put your fuckin’ feet in your OWN peanut butter!,” charge that connoisseur for a jar of Jif. And, for that matter, when your shower drain clogs up on you because you had to rinse frickin’ chunky-ass PEANUT BUTTER down there after the shoot, make them pay for a plumber too (okay, I added that part, but it’s what I would do).

Moving beyond the video (which is excellent, and definitely worth a watch), the most important aspect of selling any kind of adult content is having a personal connection with your buyers. If they know you and like you, they’re going to want what you’re offering more and be willing to pay a higher price for it, while they may be completely uninterested if they don’t know you at all. Building a core of “regulars” is essential.

For selling feet pics, the best way to do this is to work on a cam site. I recommend using Chaturbate, because it has enormous traffic that will get you the greatest exposure in the shortest period of time. This, frankly, is far superior to relying solely on social media (though you should utilize that as well).

Cam models forge personal connections and even friendships with their fans as part of their business, so it’s easy for them to command higher than average prices for feet pictures and various other additional content.

So, just signup for a broadcaster account on Chaturbate here and load-up your tags with shit like “feet pics,” “foot fetish,” “feet pictures” and the like. You’ll attract the fetishists soon enough, and the money may start rolling in before you know it.

If you need more comprehensive instructions for selling feet pictures online, check out my full guide here.

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