Making Money With CBD Oil Offers


Make money selling CBD Oil offers.
Okay, so we’re extremely privileged to be living through a wonderful weed renaissance right now, when the uninformed prejudices of society are starting to give way to thousands of years of human history. It really feels good, as a weed aficionado, to have lived long enough to see people waking up, and to watch some of the damage that was inflicted on a harmless plant’s reputation finally be undone.

For what seemed like eons, a lot of perpetually anal prudes had their panties all up in a bunch over not only the Marijuana plant, but the entire Cannabis family of plants (including Hemp). As we’ll learn, this national Dave-Chappelle-grade freakout over weed had some pretty serious consequences on the lives of countless Americans.

ATTENTION: CBD Oil is quickly becoming the Gold Rush of our time, so I’m going to explain exactly what it is, why it’s now legal, and how marketers and adult industry influencers can make some major cheddar selling it online.

Despite the unfortunate history of weed prohibition, Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD, is now booming in popularity after spending decades being tarred and feathered (and millennia before that being safely used all over the world, of course) for its tangential relation to Marijuana. The popularity of CBD products is exploding for several specific reasons, which we’ll get to in a minute — but the point here is that CBD Oil and related products are basically the new black.

In fact, CBD is widely expected to reach “big business” status: Many analysts believe it’s on track to become a $22 billion industry by 2022. So the potential to make money with CBD oil is huge right now.


The Basics of CBD Oil

Before we get into that, though, let’s cover some basics. CBD oil is one of more than 120 compounds that are collectively known as “cannabinoids.” These compounds are found throughout nature in a wide variety of plants and animals, but over a hundred (including CBD) are present within the cannabis plant, which may be why that particular organism is so frequently associated with them.

When taken internally, CBD has complex effects on the human body, mostly achieved by interacting with other compounds within the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates the body’s own production of cannabinoids. The things CBD does are overwhelmingly positive, which we’ll get into in just a moment.

What CBD does not – I repeat, does NOT – do, is produce the euphoria and altered state of mind which we stoners know as “getting high.” That power belongs most famously to tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. Both are cannabinoids, but their effects are radically different; THC is psychoactive (gets you high), while CBD is not.

CBD, unlike THC, does NOT get you high. People use it for a variety of perceived medicinal benefits, which I go into below.

CBD doesn’t even technically come from the same plant as THC; CBD is typically extracted from hemp. Hemp has very low natural levels of THC and is not useful when you’re looking for that compound. The related but separate Marijuana plant, as is generally much better known, is far richer in THC.

Now, you guys know me, and I have less than zero problem with marijuana and THC. Even if you disagree with that position, though, it’s still not fair to hold marijuana against hemp. They’re merely related, not the same freaking plant.

Nevertheless, like the tolerant college kid who goes red-faced when his friends overhear his racist uncle ranting about “the colored folk”, hemp (and by extension, CBD) has suffered tremendously because of familial relations. Throughout the United States, it has historically struggled with legality and acceptance.


CBD’s Medicinal Uses

All of this hate may have been more than merely misguided: It now appears that it’s been harmful. CBD is some pretty amazing stuff, with a long list of potential medicinal benefits. It blocks the absorption of anandamide, for example, leading to increased levels of that compound in the bloodstream. This, in turn, is believed to help the body regulate and reduce pain responses, which is probably why many claim CBD has been so useful in helping with chronic pain conditions.

It’s also gained popularity for its ability to treat anxiety. It may act as an antipsychotic for people with schizophrenia, it may act against seizures and epilepsy, it may reduce symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and it may even ease the withdrawal pains associated with quitting smoking or other drugs.

Research into CBD’s medicinal benefits is ongoing, but it appears to have beneficial effects on chronic pain, addiction withdrawal, blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, and especially anxiety. The FDA has not yet made a conclusion as to these claims, however.

Meanwhile, side effects of CBD seem to be mild and rare (bouts of tiredness and diarrhea; that kind of thing). If this stuff has any serious drawbacks, we don’t know about them yet. So, what this means, basically, is that millions of people may have been suffering needlessly for years with conditions that could have effectively been treated with a natural supplement.

The mounting evidence, along with society’s general loosening up in its anti-weed panty-bunching, has brought CBD into the mainstream. Politicians feel safe supporting it now, with even the prudes unable to ignore the fact that it can’t get you high like THC.

Plus, the state of Kentucky, which has a long tradition of growing hemp, recently started lobbying Congress hard for some sanity. As a result, the 2018 Farm Bill fully legalized hemp and CBD nationwide in the United States. And this is why selling CBD oil online is now a thing.


How CBD Oil Offers Can Make You Money

That’s great news just because of the health benefits I mentioned. But before you go thinking the financial rewards belong only to big companies who can afford to set up CBD sale operations, hear me out. They may be the ones making money selling CBD oil directly, but anyone with a social media presence can get their slice of this very large and very sweet pie.

Those selling CBD oil online are relying massively on “affiliate” programs, in which people on the internet help them promote their products, to make sales. All you have to do is sign up for some of these programs, direct traffic to the sellers’ websites, and you’ll get a commission on every purchase made through your links.

Large social media accounts and affiliate programs go together like chips and salsa. Marketers AND adult performers who’ve got significant followings on Twitter, Youtube, or IG can make a mint with CBD offers.

This is practically a godsend for webcam models, for whom it’s easy to make money with CBD oil. Professional cam girls tend to be well-established on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as part of their camming business, giving them the perfect opportunity to post affiliate links that will be seen by large numbers of people. A lot of those people are likely to be interested in 420 culture, and will be willing to consider buying some CBD oil.

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I’ll also point out that the unique relationship which a cam girl has with her fans can make her even more effective at selling CBD oil online. Webcam models know that they have to not only entertain viewers, but talk to them and build personal fondness within their audience.

A cam girl’s fans (especially her regulars) like her not just as a performer, but as a person, which is one of the reasons they’re eager to shower her with tips when they don’t strictly have to. That personal bond makes it a whole lot easier to sell anything, be it CBD or you name it. Given the explosion of interest in CBD products, this can be yet another line of revenue models can add to their business.

Savvy webcam models are always looking for new ways to generate additional income from their existing fan base. 420 culture is strong in Camland, so selling CBD oil on the side makes a ton of sense.

Internet marketers, as well, have a huge opportunity for making money selling CBD oil. They may not have legions of adoring fans who want them to succeed, but they can target the new market in a way even cam girls might find difficult. The key is to use their social media savvy to set up weed-themed accounts that will attract and amass the right crowd. Marketers know how it’s done: Build the numbers, get the following, and then monetize with the appropriate promotional posts.

What’s important to remember here is that because we’re just now coming out of an age of severe prejudice against weed and anything in any way related to it, CBD oil represents a new and barely-tapped market. Barriers to entry are low, and most customers don’t even know how awesome this product is yet. The opportunity to help educate them, and make sales while doing it, is huge.

We’re on the ground floor here; anybody getting in now, in a smart way, stands to make a killing over time. Whether you’re an adult model/influencer, or a digital marketer with an open mind, selling CBD Oil offers could end up being an extremely lucrative play that you’ll thank a crusty Camlord someday for pointing you towards.

By the way, I’ll soon be posting my list of best CBD Oil affiliate programs and offers, so stay tuned for that groovy goodness!

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