What is Premium Snapchat?


What is premium Snapchat?
A few days ago, a new cam girl who just recently joined the wacky world of webcam modeling asked me “Hey Buttler…what’s this premium Snapchat thing all about?” Let’s just say I was taken aback by the question. How could there still be owners of digital devices who know nothing of the dirty Snapchat business? And a young camming freshman, at that. I mean, it’s like a hippie asking what a dabbing rig is. SMH…

I realize now that not everyone in the online adult sector understands exactly what premium Snapchat is, and how adult models are making ridiculous amounts of money with it. Given this, I’m going to explain here exactly how this business works, why it’s gotten so huge, and why it’s so awesome for webcam models, pornstars, strippers, amateur internet hotties, and all their devoted fans. For more in-depth training on Snapchat, check out my UCS Ninja System here.

ATTENTION: If you’re someone who wonders what premium Snapchat is, how it works, how models make so much money with it, and why viewers love it more than Twerk Fail Compilations on Youtube, stick around and get educated.

Okay, so Snapchat, for those who don’t know, is a popular social media app that allows people to send “self-destructing” texts and multimedia content to each other. After a certain period of time, the messages will slip the mortal coil and vanish into cybernetic nothingness. As you can imagine, sexting has become super common on the app, and Snapchat has achieved the status of a digital hub for all things naughty.

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Webcam models were the first adult industry people to realize that using Snapchat to make money was a Captain Obvious type of no-brainer. So, many cam girls started to offer subscriptions to what eventually came to be known as “premium Snapchat accounts,” which would contain regular snaps of the models doing all sorts of debauched stuff.

These adult Snapchat subscriptions were generally sold for cam site tokens, but many cam models also took payment through Paypal, Google Pay, and other e-wallet services. It turned out that cam site viewers and members absolutely LOVED getting access to the premium Snapchat accounts of their favorite cam girls, so the business totally blew through the roof.

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The exploding popularity of adult premium accounts on Snapchat made pornstars, strippers, and even amateur social media babes take notice. Many of them jumped into the booming biz and started offering their own premium Snapchat subscriptions, which further fueled the amazing growth of the phenomenon.


Problems With Adult Premium Snapchat Accounts

One major speed bump that loomed over the adult premium account boom was Snapchat’s own policy on explicit content. Even though the popular social media app became famous due to rampant sexting between its users, management at Snap Inc, the company that runs the show, decided to ban all nudity and explicit images and videos. Porn was not welcome.

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Users hated the policy, and it didn’t really stop anyone from getting funky on the platform. But it DID make things more difficult for models trying to make a buck with their premium accounts. Getting your account deleted for terms violations now became a common headache, so adult models needed to adapt to the new environment.

Services like FanCentro started to pop up to provide models with more convenient ways to manage their adult Snapchat accounts. In exchange for a piece of each sale, FanPageTV bills the subscriber for you and notifies all paid members of the new Snapchat account you setup after your old one gets banned. This service has generally been very well-received by adult models, and most of the big names in the sex and porn industry now use either FanPageTV or a competing platform.

Subscription management platforms take a piece of an adult model’s premium Snapchat subscription revenues, in exchange for providing billing and notification services. Most models agree that it’s generally quite worth it.

The other major problem with selling premium Snapchat account access is that, if you’re not a huge pornstar or webcam model, it can be difficult to make many sales. Successfully selling adult Snapchat subscriptions really relies on having a large fan following of some sort, so if you don’t have that, you need to start building one pronto.

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Promote Your Adult Snapchat on Chaturbate

The best way to do that is to start camming. I always advise new models who want to make money with premium Snapchat to signup for a webcam model account at Chaturbate, which has massive site traffic right now, and offer a free Snapchat account to their viewers. These are also called “public Snapchat accounts,” and they can be great for cultivating a devoted following of fans that will buy just about anything the model offers.

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Once a webcam model has a public Snapchat ready to go, she should also start up a second Snapchat account that she will sell access to. This will be her premium account, and it will contain all the naughty activities that people want and are willing to pay for. The public account, on the other hand, will be just a bunch of tease content and “friendly” type snaps.

Don’t underestimate the power of a public Snapchat account to produce sales for your premium account. Warming up fans on the public account is an invaluable way to get them ready to shell out some cha-cha to buy a subscription to your premium content. It helps them get to know you and like you, which is the first step in any marketing campaign.

Selling premium Snapchat is just like selling anything else. You need to build trust and rapport with your target audience. Having a free, public account allows you to conduct this “warming up” process with little effort.

When your public account is built up to a nice level, which is not hard at all if you’re promoting it on Chaturbate, you can make sales to your adult Snapchat account almost effortlessly. The key is really just to keep snapping new content on a regular basis. Fans are hungry for naughty snaps…give them what they want, and watch the Benjies roll in.

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