Virtual Reality Sex Suit


Here’s something I’ve been waiting for pretty much all my life. The blessedly insane Japanese have created the world’s first virtual reality sex suit, and it looks like I’ll probably never leave the house again, once I get my hands on one of these masterpieces of perversion. As you may know, I’ve been obsessed with fantasy sex for quite some time. That’s really one of the reasons I got so into watching camgirls shake their booties on webcam. Nothing like cutting straight to the filthy fun, without any of the obnoxious complications that physical reality can drag into the picture, amirite?

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Bernie Spooks The Trump

THIS IS THE GREATEST GIF YOULL SEE ALL DAY — Bardock Obama (@TheBardockObama) March 14, 2016 Okay, I will admit to mildly wetting myself from uncontrolled laughter after seeing this GIF. Bernie Sanders shows up unannounced at a Donald Trump rally and screws with the billionaire presidential candidate’s speech. There are some seriously talented … Read more Bernie Spooks The Trump

Porn Sex Vs Real Sex

I don’t think this video needs much commentary, but I will say that those peaches look damn good to me. Also, dipping the banana into the Nutella to represent anal boogie-woogie is making me lose my appetite for backroad explorations (at least temporarily). Good point about male penis size, although I really wish they could’ve … Read more Porn Sex Vs Real Sex