Build Up To MFC


MyFreeCams Camming Advice

One of the biggest, hugest, most monumental mistakes that a newbie camgirl can make is to start her camming career on MyFreeCams. I see it happen constantly, and I just can’t help but cringe every time. MFC is a great cam site…no doubt about it. The problem is that new models there are significantly disadvantaged due to the “Cam Score” ranking feature. Popular models typically get all the attention at MFC, so new models are generally left with crumbs…and it’s quite difficult to build up your cam score with crumbs.

I would strongly advise you, if you’re a new model just beginning in the webcamming biz, to start somewhere less competitive (like Chaturbate), then debut on MyFreeCams when you’ve built up a nice sturdy band of followers who you can bring with you. They’ll help get your cam score up quickly, which can be absolutely crucial to doing well at MFC.

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