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While there are certainly lots of cam networks out there, most of them are not appropriate for new models (or struggling models, for that matter). As of right now, I’m recommending that new models focus onĀ Chaturbate.

Usually, I recommend balancing time between two solid cam sites but, due to rapid traffic growth in the past year, I would have to say Chaturbate merits most of your attention at this point.


Chaturbate has been coming on strong, in recent years, and has become one of the top free cam sites on the internet. They have a massive ton of traffic, and their site makes it much easier for a new model to get established than many other free sites do. The revenue split at Chaturbate is excellent, and it’s easier to get a good number of people in your room quickly, even if you’re new. One of the best networks, for sure.

Signup As A Model At Chaturbate


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