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Camgirl Truth Bomb

Jessica Wilde has a way of inflating penises…only to quickly deflate them with TMI most of us camming fanatics could do without. I couldn’t look away…honestly, I tried, but like a car wreck on the side of the road, you just have to take a peek at stuff like this. Then, of course, the peek turns into full attention, and well, you know.

In the video above, Jessica shares some information that might disturb those who have idealized webcam models as the pinnacle of feminine hotness and beauty. Apparently, camgirls will often burp, pass gas, and stink sometimes (I refuse to accept that). Menstruation and how models deal with it when actively camming is covered, and the phenomenon of “squirting” is addressed (it’s pee, people). Lots of juicy erectile dysfunction fodder in this one.

By the way, Jess, nobody’s buying that your wrist injury happened in the gym. Just own up to it, hun…happens to all of us. Jerking can be hard on the ligaments. Follow this lovely Canadian cam queen on Twitter and Youtube for more webcamming TMI that just might kill yer boner (or boost it, who knows…lots of freaky fetish peeps out there).