How Cam Girls Bond With Webcam Viewers


How cam girls bond with viewers.
In the realm of marketing pros, it’s well-understood that, to make the sale, you really need to establish a personal connection with the potential customer. This has been the reality for sellers of all sorts for eons, going all the way back, I’m sure, to the ancient sands of Sumer where civilization first popped into existence on planet Earth thousands of years ago.

For webcam models, the same rule applies, so it’s necessary to get familiar with the basics of how to “warm-up” your cam viewers and get them all hot and ready to buy content, shows, and tip you into those sweet, sweet token comas everybody in the webcamming business dreams about.

Let’s say I want to sell you a pen. It could be a really great pen…I mean, just a sparkling, bedazzled, “Hello Kitty” type of pen that basically knocks your socks off. Pink, glittery, with the word “JUICY” on it and everything. If you had something against me personally, it might be a hard sale for me to make nevertheless.

For example, if I had just stepped on your cat’s paw, or if I had just cut you off in traffic, or if I had just smoked your entire weed stash, you’d probably tell me to go stick that fabulous pen where the sun don’t shine. The obvious greatness of that pen would be overwhelmed by your dislike for the person trying to sell it to you, and you’d say “Absolutely not, chacho…NO SALE!”

Sell me this pen...

Well, the opposite scenario would change the game just as dramatically. If I had a really crappy pen I wanted to sell you…let’s say it was an old throwaway pen with either the Trump or the Hillary 2016 campaign logo on it (whichever gets your panties in a bunch). If I had just done something awesome for you (maybe I let you cut in line at Starbucks, maybe I gave you a great weed connection), you’d be far more likely to buy that crappy pen from me. Why? Because of the personal connection.

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So, when you’re sitting there in front of your webcam, trying to figure out how to get these people tipping or taking you private, you’ll need to consider ways to create a connection with your audience that will cause them to bond with you and be more likely to free their tokens for you. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging in conversation about a common interest.

People generally bond with those who subscribe to the same ideas as they do. Finding a common interest with viewers transforms you from an outsider into “one of them.”

I remember back a few years ago when I was counseling a newbie cam girl on how to generate more interest and activity in her chat room. She was at a complete loss as to what to do, given that she had tried almost everything in the book. I asked her what her most passionate interests were, and she replied that they were comic books and Pokemon.

Immediately, a ping went off in my head. No, not a stroke, just a realization that we had finally found the answer to the lack of interest issue. I instructed the budding cam model to set a room topic for next time having to do with comic books. Pokemon would be invoked only if comic books failed, but really, when have comic books ever failed, amirite?

She did as I suggested and reported that her room was remarkably more active than it had ever been before. Room count was about double what she usually observed, and viewers were talking and mingling nicely in the public chat.

After a few camming sessions employing this strategy, tipping went up drastically and she was able to cultivate several regulars who took her private frequently. She then made the wise decision to revamp her entire image and turn herself into a cosplay/comic book/geek model who occasionally ventured into topics having to do with Pokemon. That turned out to be the strategy that ended up allowing her to become a successful cam girl, and she never looked back.

So, the moral of the story is, find an interest that you share with your viewers and focus on it when you’re on cam. If you’re not sure what they’re into, conduct some polls (Twitter is actually a great place to run polls and gauge what your audience is interested in — do it OFTEN).

When you figure out what makes your viewers all warm and runny, target that interest like a laser beam and really dig down into it. Hold contests about it, start fan clubs around it, and style your image in a way that reinforces your passion for it.

Studies have shown that blockquotes like this one make reading a blog post easier. Mentioning Ancient Sumer at the outset of the post is similarly correlated with ease of reading. (Not really.)

I think you’ll find that going this route will create a lively, engaged audience of viewers and fans that will tip more freely, buy more content, and generally make your career in webcam modeling a heck of a lot more fun AND financially rewarding. Oh, and if you need more specific and detailed tips on how to make your fans love you, checkout my Uber Fans Magnet course here.

By the way, I realize nobody’s gonna buy an old presidential campaign pen from anybody, I was just stoned and desperately looking for an acceptable analogy. Also, if you need a great weed connection, just call me, but please don’t expect me to let you cut in line at Starbucks.

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