Summer Slump Blues

Summer Slump Camming
Well, here we are in late August, and I bet I know what question most cam models and cam site affiliates have foremost on their minds, at the moment — “Why can’t I find ANY gawt dayuum Pikachus on my weed-fueled Pokemon Go hunts?!?” No, just kidding.

What’s really getting panties in a bunch all over Camland is the dreaded “Summer Slump” period, which has been terrorizing models and adult webmasters alike for years and years. A lot of us in the “online pleasure business” noticed a long time ago that, during the summer months, spending on adult websites (whether on cam sites or porn video sites) generally plummets, and our incomes follow right along with it. This has been a problem across the adult industry, hitting anybody associated with the business at just about every level. This slump is so hated and feared that I thought I might attempt to explain exactly why it happens, and what you might be able to do to counteract it somewhat, as we enter the final weeks of this grueling patch.

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Cam Model Teamwork

webcam model teamworkCan webcam models employ teamwork to dramatically increase moolah production? Well, yes, actually. If you’re used to camming on your own and not sharing information, tips, and other forms of advice with fellow camgirls, you need to listen up, because I might just put you on the path to “mo’ money” right here.

Okay, everybody’s heard the term “two minds are better than one,” right? I’m gonna assume everybody has. The logic behind that statement is extremely sound. Whenever humans embark on any project, having multiple people providing input and ideas usually yields far superior results than if the project were undertaken by a single soul. Well, it’s just as true for webcam modeling as for anything else.

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Independent Camming Too Early

Independent Camming

A whole lot of webcam models who’ve been in the camming biz for a while seem to really despise the idea of cam sites holding on to large percentages of the revenue they generate broadcasting. Now, just so you don’t misunderstand me, by “despise,” I mean that feeling that usually comes with an unquenchable thirst for blood and guts on your ninja sword blade as you think of a life-long mortal enemy who extorted your lunch money as a kid, stole all your boyfriends in high school, and is currently doing “waist training” as she dates an NBA player and complains on Instagram about how her latest diamond bracelet isn’t sparkly enough. Yeah, it can be that bad.

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Build Up To MFC

MyFreeCams Camming Advice

One of the biggest, hugest, most monumental mistakes that a newbie camgirl can make is to start her camming career on MyFreeCams. I see it happen constantly, and I just can’t help but cringe every time. MFC is a great cam site…no doubt about it. The problem is that new models there are significantly disadvantaged due to the “Cam Score” ranking feature. Popular models typically get all the attention at MFC, so new models are generally left with crumbs…and it’s quite difficult to build up your cam score with crumbs.

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One Cam Whale Can Make You

Big spenders and camming.

Every camgirl loves a good whale. Cam whales are guys who love to spray their token love all over their favorite models, and when they do it, they typically do it BIG. Catching a whale can be fantastically consequential for a model…it can actually make her career. When you get one of these guys smitten for you, he’ll be tipping you so much that it can boost your ranking on sites like MyFreeCams¬†through the freaking roof. I’ve seen girls just starting out, with mediocre cam scores, get catapulted to the top ranks just¬†because they managed to snag a cam whale who couldn’t stop tipping them blue!

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