Camming Schedule Consistency


Camming schedules.

One of the biggest problems that cam girls have, these days, is the difficulty of building up a nice crew of regulars. Regulars can make a webcam model’s job sooo much easier, since they can generally be counted on to tip and buy shows frequently. But how do you attract more of these awesome dudes?

Well, one of the simplest ways is to just show up on cam at the same time every day, and stay on for about the same time every day. This way, viewers can predict, more or less, when you’ll be on and can easily find you. If you broadcast erratically, it’s just too difficult for people to keep track of your camming schedule, and most of the members who took a liking to you will rarely be able to find you again.

You definitely don’t want to lose potential regulars…as I explain in my course, they can be monetized through the wazoo with the right methods!

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