Gastronomic Camming


Okay, now I may finally have seen it all. A South Korean cam model has discovered a “tasty” little camming niche that allows her to make more than $9,000 per month with her webcam. She doesn’t have to get too kinky to collect the money — in fact, she doesn’t even have to get naked. She just sits her pretty self down in front of her cam every night and eats a shit-ton of food while people watch her pig out. It’s called “gastronomic voyeurism” (or “Mukbang”) and it’s apparently somewhat popular, at least in Asia.

I knew there was money in non-nude camming, but I always figured a model would at least have to paddle her ass, every now and then, to make the big bucks. Nope…just stuff your piehole with tasty-looking chow and make a mint. Who knew?? I wonder if I could get paying customers to watch me down pizza and doughnuts while vegging out in my La-Z-Boy? Well, I won’t hold my breath, but I can dream.

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