One Cam Whale Can Make You


Big spenders and camming.

Every camgirl loves a good whale. Cam whales are guys who love to spray their token love all over their favorite models, and when they do it, they typically do it BIG. Catching a whale can be fantastically consequential for a model…it can actually make her career. When you get one of these guys smitten for you, he’ll be tipping you so much that it can boost your ranking on sites like MyFreeCams through the freaking roof. I’ve seen girls just starting out, with mediocre cam scores, get catapulted to the top ranks just because they managed to snag a cam whale who couldn’t stop tipping them blue!

Luck isn’t the only thing, or even the primary thing that governs whether a model can get herself a whale…there are actually proven tactics that can increase your chances of successful cam whaling substantially. I fully cover these in my UCS course.

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