No More Skype Shows?


Camgirl Skype shows
It seems like, for ages now, camgirls have been selling Skype shows to horny cam site members and social media followers. One of the biggest reasons for this is that shows on Skype offer high-quality video and can generally be sold straight to the viewer, without the cam sites taking their traditional 50% to 70% bite of revenues. Cam models usually take payments via Google Wallet or Paypal for Skype shows (though I don’t advise this), and will often even take Amazon Gift Cards as payment. Skype shows have become a mainstay of camming, but that might be about to change.

Microsoft Corporation, the parent company of Skype, has recently announced a change in policy that will ban all nudity and even profane language from the platform. The new policy is taking effect May 1st, 2018, and will surely cause moans and groans across Camland, but not the good kind.

As we know, Skype shows involving cam models and cam site viewers rarely concern stuff like horse racing, land management, or cryptocurrency trading (unless cyber kinks have suddenly gotten ridiculously boring without my knowledge). They’re usually fairly heavy in oil, sex toys, nakedness, and lots of filthy language. That means they’re gonna be totally out of bounds come May, and Camland is going to have to figure out a way to cope with this unfortunate new reality.

Now, it should be mentioned that Microsoft has stated it will not be poking through the Skype calls of its users looking for nasty acts, but if there are complaints, it “reserves the right” to go sticking its nose in your business and discovering that eggplant pegging session you had with pastor Jack from rural Alabama. If caught, users can have their Microsoft accounts deleted, as well as any Hotmail or Outlook email accounts associated with it.

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But, but, Buuuuttttlerrrr, then where am I supposed to get my digital funky on with my pervy regulars, dude? Well, it looks like Discord may be emerging as an eligible replacement for Skype, and it already seems to be getting some degree of use by webcam models. I’ve noticed quite a few camgirls beginning to transition to the VOIP app, and reviews are generally good. Discord is a platform primarily aimed at gamers, but it looks like they may be getting a nice juicy infusion of users from the naughtier sectors of the internet very soon.


Why now, bitches??

A lot of you are probably wondering why Microsoft all of a sudden decided to get all negative and prudish about the kinky antics its users are engaging in on Skype calls. Well, call me crazy, but it just might have to do with the recent passage of SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Trafickers Act) by the US Congress, which purportedly seeks to punish websites and app services that facilitate illicit sexual encounters.

However, as many internet watchdogs have pointed out (including the Electronic Frontier Foundation), the legislation is overly broad and will likely scare service providers away from tolerating any sexual interactions between users at all, even of the purely digital kind. This could have the effect of putting sex workers at GREATER risk because it will force them to arrange business in decidedly unsafe ways.

So what’s actually going to be the fallout from all this? Well, in my opinion, Skype will most likely continue to be used as the chief off-site platform for private sessions with cam models. After all, Snapchat has banned nudity and explicit content for a long time now, but it continues to be an extremely popular platform for premium content sales and subscriptions in Camland. (Need help on Snapchat? Click here!)

SESTA and Camgirls

I suppose a lot will depend on how vigorously Microsoft decides to enforce its new policy against virtual boogie woogie. There is also the real possibility that the SESTA law will be blocked by a court challenge on constitutional grounds, so there’s still some hope.

Until things become clearer, it might not be a bad idea to give Discord a try, but the best thing you can do right now is go out and register to vote so that we can make sure our politicians respect the rights of consenting adults to get as freaky deaky as we want on the internet, Gawttdayyymittt!

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