Monetize Cam Site Trolls


Make cam trolls useful.

Every webcam model has, or will eventually, run into what’s called a “troll.” Yes, chat room trolls can be fantastically rude, obnoxious, and even evil, but they can also be turned into tokens by a savvy camgirl. I’ve witnessed trolls at their worst, so believe me when I say that I understand how tempting it is for models to just ban the little shit and be done with him.

But, actually, that same little shit can be “fed” in ways that can increase the action in the room, showoff a model’s wit and cunning, and even provoke “white knight” responses from silently observing cam site members that can include serious tippage. Don’t be so quick to resort to the ban hammer…use your head and figure out tasty and clever new ways to deal with trolls that could benefit you. Much more fun that way!

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