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Cam Model Teamwork

webcam model teamworkCan webcam models employ teamwork to dramatically increase moolah production? Well, yes, actually. If you’re used to camming on your own and not sharing information, tips, and other forms of advice with fellow camgirls, you need to listen up, because I might just put you on the path to “mo’ money” right here.

Okay, everybody’s heard the term “two minds are better than one,” right? I’m gonna assume everybody has. The logic behind that statement is extremely sound. Whenever humans embark on any project, having multiple people providing input and ideas usually yields far superior results than if the project were undertaken by a single soul. Well, it’s just as true for webcam modeling as for anything else.

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Independent Camming Too Early

Independent CammingA whole lot of webcam models who’ve been in the camming biz for a while seem to really despise the idea of cam sites holding on to large percentages of the revenue they generate broadcasting. Now, just so you don’t misunderstand me, by “despise,” I mean that feeling that usually comes with an unquenchable thirst for blood and guts on your ninja sword blade as you think of a life-long mortal enemy who extorted your lunch money as a kid, stole all your boyfriends in high school, and is currently doing “waist training” as she dates an NBA player and complains on Instagram about how her latest diamond bracelet isn’t sparkly enough. Yeah, it can be that bad.

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Keep A Playful Vibe Going

Playful Vibes While CammingEverybody knows that some days, you just feel like you’d rather skin a cat than go on cam. Webcam models have bad days just like everybody else does. However, it’s extremely important for a cam model to NOT show when she’s in a bad mood. Yes, it’s quite possible that freeloaders, or technical difficulties, or even the monthly visitor might be getting under your skin.

Trust me, though, you don’t want to show unhappiness, anger, or general miffedness to your viewers. It turns them off and causes them to remember you as “that moody girl” the next time they log on. Try your best to keep a playful demeanor going at all times…even when things are crappy and slow. This will payoff buttloads for you into the future.

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Build Up To MFC

MyFreeCams Camming AdviceOne of the biggest, hugest, most monumental mistakes that a newbie camgirl can make is to start her camming career on MyFreeCams. I see it happen constantly, and I just can’t help but cringe every time. MFC is a great cam site…no doubt about it. The problem is that new models there are significantly disadvantaged due to the “Cam Score” ranking feature. Popular models typically get all the attention at MFC, so new models are generally left with crumbs…and it’s quite difficult to build up your cam score with crumbs.

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Personality Trumps Looks

Personality much better than looks on cam.A lot of new girls to the webcam modeling business worry that they’re not pretty enough to do well, simply because they don’t look like a runway model or haven’t won a beauty pageant. Let me tell you, looks matter much less in camming than you might think. Yes, being physically attractive is an important element…no doubt about that. But if you’ve got a great engaging personality, it can more than make up for any deficiencies in the beauty department.

When a cam girl is interesting, cool, and fun to be around, she can totally rock the tokens and make craploads more than a barbie doll model who just sits there and bores everybody to death. Make no mistake…as I teach in my camming course, having a magnetic personality is probably the most important camgirl quality there is.

Appeal To Niches

Target niches and fetishes.Vanilla isn’t always the best way to go for a webcam model trying to decide how to “flavor” her image. There are lots of different niches that a camgirl can cater to, so you should carefully consider what style might suit you best. For some girls it will be the “girl next door” niche…indeed, lots of guys seem to love models who fit this “pure as the wind-driven snow” type. There are also lots of viewers who love “bad girls” just as much.

Also, there are tattoo girl lovers, bbw lovers, alt chick lovers, 420 enthusiasts, and you name it. Appealing to a certain niche can make you more attractive and interesting to certain audiences, so take a good look at yourself and figure out where you fit best.

One Cam Whale Can Make You

Big spenders and camming.Every camgirl loves a good whale. Cam whales are guys who love to spray their token love all over their favorite models, and when they do it, they typically do it BIG. Catching a whale can be fantastically consequential for a model…it can actually make her career. When you get one of these guys smitten for you, he’ll be tipping you so much that it can boost your ranking on sites like MyFreeCams through the freaking roof. I’ve seen girls just starting out, with mediocre cam scores, get catapulted to the top ranks just because they managed to snag a cam whale who couldn’t stop tipping them blue!

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Treat Your Regulars Right

Regular relations management.A cam model’s regular clients can be the best thing that ever happened to her. These are guys who love and adore her, show up in her chat room with predictable regularity, engage in spirited chit chat, and shower her with oodles of tokens like it’s going out of style. Regulars really are the backbone of a successful model’s business. When you start to accumulate regulars, you need to be very conscientious about how you treat them.

If you’re good to them, they’ll be good to you…and will keep coming back for more of what you have to offer. Learn their real names, their birthdays, their favorite tv shows, their hottest fantasies. Make a special place for them in your heart, and make sure they know you’re doing it. I call it “regular relations management,” and it’s critical!

Monetize Cam Site Trolls

Make cam trolls useful.Every webcam model has, or will eventually, run into what’s called a “troll.” Yes, chat room trolls can be fantastically rude, obnoxious, and even evil, but they can also be turned into tokens by a savvy camgirl. I’ve witnessed trolls at their worst, so believe me when I say that I understand how tempting it is for models to just ban the little shit and be done with him.

But, actually, that same little shit can be “fed” in ways that can increase the action in the room, showoff a model’s wit and cunning, and even provoke “white knight” responses from silently observing cam johns that can include serious tippage. Don’t be so quick to resort to the ban hammer…use your head and figure out tasty and clever new ways to deal with trolls that could benefit you. Much more fun that way!


The importance of your smile.That is to say, don’t frown! No, you don’t really need to keep a Pollyanna smile on your face at all times while you’re camming, but you do need to avoid looking disappointed, sad, bored, or otherwise miffed. Smiling is the best way to do this. It’s a very basic, but very powerful attraction signal that has been shown to dramatically improve the way people react and respond to you. It’s one of the few things you can do to instantly make yourself more appealing to your audience of cam viewers.

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